From traditional to contemporary or city to country, Kurtz Design Studio,llc designs spaces to accommodate the way each individual lives, works, and relaxes in their own home. Personalized consultation and customization serves as the core philosophy of KDS’ residential work. We understand and appreciate that no two families utilize their homes in the same way, and it is our foremost goal to ensure that your home is designed to accomplish your unique needs and aspirations. KDS will be your partner throughout the entire process to ensure that your home is what you have always dreamed it could be.


KDS takes pride in providing a unique blend of both architect and business person when it comes to looking at a project. While design is about art, development is about meeting tight deadlines within budget. KDS turns around changes and drawings in a time efficient manner, and keeps the lines of communication open, continuously, to assure that all steps are taken to keep the project on track.

Healthcare / Senior Living

As healthcare needs are constantly changing, KDS understands and appreciates the flexibility and fluidity required to meet these demands. From interior renovations to new construction, KDS appreciates the value of patient experience, practical fundamentals, and a holistic functionality. When working within Senior Living –from entire facilities to renovating a home to accommodate an elderly family member – KDS strives to intimately understand the sensitivities for each client. We design in accordance to each unique goal and aspiration.

Developer Projects

Developers have been utilizing KDS for their architectural needs since 2008. The projects types vary from commercial developments for office space, to residential single family design, to conversion of multi-family housing into condominiums. The processes of assistance have ranged from start to finish to simply documentation for Master Deed submission.

Fire Damage Renovation and Improvements

We understand that fire damage can include an entire range of emotions, some of which can be terrible loss, frustration, and confusion as to how to move forward. At KDS, we work to optimize this event to assist the repair of your building or home into a better, more functional, and more appealing space than it was prior to the fire.
We offer a full range of services from schematic spatial layouts to full architectural services including interior design selections and construction administration / owner’s representation. We pride ourselves in working with speed and efficiency to put you on the right track towards recovery.

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